Our Church

In 2002, San Ramon Valley Gospel started as a church plant from Contra Costa Gospel Church.  Two major factors have triggered a substantial increase in population in the San Ramon Valley area: the relocation of major international corporations to the area, including many high-tech companies and a tremendous increase in the amount of new housing units.  The Dublin Valley will build 10,000 new homes under their 30 year plan with the majority of those new families of Asian descent.  San Ramon has roughly a population of 74,378 (est. 2012) and is currently the fourth largest city in Contra Cost County. 

Of those Asian newcomers, a large percentage of them are Chinese speaking, due to their traditional association with high-tech companies.  We anticipated most of them are non-Christians. For those non-believers, we pray that they will know God; for the Christians, a home church is needed. Therefore, the primary purposes of planting the San Ramon Valley Gospel Church, a CHINESE & ENGLISH speaking church, in the heart of the Valley are: 

(1)  to spread gospel to those Chinese who have yet accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior,

(2)  to provide a centrally located Bible believing church for the Christians to worship God,

(3)  to equip believers to serve God,

(4)  to provide fellowship for the congregation,
(5)  to provide caring program for needy people in the community,

(6)  to provide web site services for broader community, and

(7)  to provide counseling services for the congregation.