Our Activities


Weekly Sunday Worship Service: see Schedule


Monthly Holy Communion Service: see Schedule


Weekly Sunday School: see Schedule


Weekly Prayer Meeting: see Schedule


Weekly Small Group / Fellowship  Meeting : see Schedule

(6)  Monthly Fellowship Meeting (Cantonese Fellowship, Evergreen Fellowship) : See Schedule 

Special Meetings during Holiday -  These programs are held on holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. The program typically includes potluck dinner, hymn praises, short message and games.  The purposes of these programs are to outreach people in the community and spread gospel in an informal and relaxing atmosphere.


Church Web Site - The church maintains its own webs site, www.srvgc.org.  The purpose is to provide Bible study materials, Sunday worship messages, discussion corner and a communication tool for both Christians and non-Christians near (our community) and far (the whole world).


Evangelistic Missions - The Church conducts mission work to the needed area both near (our community) and far (the whole world).  Members of our congregation just completed a short-term mission trip to Europe last December. They led an evangelistic meeting in England and conducted a disciples training camp in German. We also frequently visit China to lead evangelistic meetings and conduct co-workers training. The purpose is to outreach non-believers by charity activities and Gospel messages.


Community Service - SRVGC regularly participates the "Building Bridges" project. This is an annual one-day event, anchored in San Ramon, Californiam, sponsored by San Ramon Presbyterian Church. Volunteers go into the communities on a Saturday in October to help  elderly, disabled, single parent, deployed military and veteran, or otherwise overwhelmed households with minor maintenance, repair, or visitation projects. In addition, SRVGC also participates in various food drives and Shoe Box ministries for children in Christiams.


Special Services - SRVGC conducts Baptism twice a year; in April and in August, respectively. SRVGC also conducts Wedding and Funeral Services upon request.